Thapki English Written Update Episode 336 Wednesday 4th January 2023

Thapki English

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Thapki English Written Update Episode 336 Wednesday 4th January 2023

Thapki English Written Update Episode 336

Wednesday 4th January 2023

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Shraddha that he is Kabir and his company. He calls all the family members inside. Everyone is shocked to hear Shraddha’s confession. Shraddha is much shocked. Kabir says whatever you said is heard by everyone. Dhruv looks on angrily.

Shraddha asks what is happening? Kabir says this is all what you have done with Aditi, but my respect is saved. I can take this much risk to bring your truth out. Shraddha gets angry on him. Kabir says whatever happened with Aditi is done by Shraddha and not Bihaan. He asks if anyone needs any more proofs, and says Bihaan is innocent. Bihaan looks on angrily. Vasu slaps Shraddha hard twice. Shraddha is shocked. She says I told you that I will not tolerate any misbehavior towards my bahu, but now you tried to malign Bihaan’s name. She says an outsider exposed you.

Kabir says I will become your family member soon, as I have no family member. He says it was Vani’s plan to bring out the truth. Bihaan looks at Thapki.

A fb is shown, Thapki tells Kabir that she is sure as she saw long nail marks on Aditi’s hands and Bihaan’s nails are not long. He says Vani tried to get proofs in Aditi’s room. He says Shraddha compromised Aditi’s drink, and that’s why she thought Shraddha is Bihaan seeing his clothes. He says Vani made her drugged water and she thought me Dhruv seeing his clothes.

Dhruv warns Shraddha and says I asked you to stay far from here. Shraddha says even I said that I will not let others snatch my right. Dhruv says you have no right on me or my family, you are staying here because of Kosi. Kosi says he is saying right. She says I felt pity on her and gave me home, shelter and food and she trapped my son. She says I will kick you out.

Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other. Kosi asks Shraddha to leave and says you will understand when you will be road. Shraddha warns Kosi and says she will open her tongue and reveals her secrets to everyone, and says she is not stupid like chacha. She asks her to be careful and says she will take her with her. Vasu and others come there. Shraddha says I want to tell you all something. Kosi asks her to keep quiet and says she apologized to me, and I forgave her. She asks others to forgive her as well, and says this is your last chance.

Vasu says no, and says we had given last chances to her many times. Vani says don’t forget that this house is mine, and Shraddha did wrong with my sister in this house, so she will leave the house. Shraddha says if I leave then I will tell something. Kosi says she is like an orphan and we shall forgive her. Vasu says I did a mistake and made her my bahu, but she will not stay here, and have to leave right now.

Kosi says she will stay in a corner, and says we will make her servant of the house. Suman and Preeti are happy. Vasu says no. Vani says Kosi is right, and this will be the real punishment of Shraddha, she will become servant of the house where she was bahu, with no make up, no good clothes and no right. Thapki says now Shraddha will stay here as a servant, and whoever is having objection with my decision can leave. Kosi tells Shraddha that Vani did a big favor on her and says if you do this mistake again, I will take your life.

Aditi comes to Bihaan and apologizes to him. She says I thought you wrong. Bihaan asks her not to apologize and says you are Thapki’s sister and that’s why you are my sister too. Dhruv also apologizes to her. Bihaan says you did right, when Thapki needed my support, I left her and that’s why I am repenting. He says you have supported your wife and did right. He says few people need proofs to prove my innocence, and doing the same mistake which I did with Thapki. He goes.

Aditi thanks Kabir for exposing Shraddha. Sankara thinks now Bihaan will not get closer to me. She thinks I have changed myself and dressed up as Thapki to get Bihaan, but I didn’t get him. She says I will dress up as myself and be a bride, to get him.

Kabir is playing basketball. Bihaan comes there and holds the ball. Kabir looks at him. He takes ball and starts playing again. Bihaan pushes him and plays with the ball, and puts it in the basket. Kabir says this is cheating, don’t be a goon. Bihaan says don’t be in illusion, stay away from my Thapki, else I will make you and your family vanish from this world.

Kabir says I didn’t see weird person like you as I have saved you and you are threatening me. He says I had helped you thinking you as a human. Bihaan says yes you thought right, I am an animal without Thapki and this animal snatches his thing. Kabir tells Bihaan that Vani is not Thapki and she is his future wife, and says woman is not a lifeless thing who can be accepted by someone at any time. Thapki comes and says well said. She repeats the same dialogue. Bihaan goes.

Thapki thanks Kabir and apologizes to him as Bihaan was threatening him. Kabir says it is okay. Thapki says you are really a nice guy. Kabir says don’t tell like this, else love will happen. Thapki gets tensed. Kabir asks her to relax and says it is a joke. Thapki says yes, it was a joke. Bihaan is talking on phone and sees Kabir going somewhere at night. He thinks where he might be going at this time, and follows him.

Bihaan’s phone rings. He attends the phone and misses Kabir. He wonders where did he go? Kabir comes to a place, where a woman is tied with a chain. He gets emotional seeing her and keeps his hand on her head. Woman gets hysterical and hits him. He says I will go. He is about to go and sees Bihaan standing outside. He comes back to the woman and keeps his hand on her mouth stopping her from shouting.

Bihaan looks for Kabir there and says he is not here. Woman asks Kabir, if he wants to beat him and cries. Kabir asks her to have food, but she throws food. Kabir hugs her and cries. Vasu calls Suman and Preeti and ask them to give servant’s clothes to Shraddha so that she don’t forget her value in the house.

Suman and Preeti get happy and think to take revenge on Shraddha. They come to Shraddha and give her servant clothes, asking her not to touch costly jewellery. Kosi comes there and gets shocked seeing Shraddha in servant’s clothes. Suman says she is Shraddha. Kosi says she got scared and says she looks like dayan without makeup.

Once Suman and Preeti goes, Shraddha asks Kosi to sweep the floor and threatens to tell her secret. Kosi agrees and is about to sweep the floor. Aditi comes there, Shraddha takes the broom in her hand. Aditi tells Shraddha that she should be indebted to Kosi for staying in the house, and shouldn’t forget her favor. Kosi says she is tired and asks her to make tea for her. Shraddha thinks to take revenge on them.

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