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Choti Sarrdaarni Written Update For Tuesday June 11 2024

Meher Clears Doubts On Jaggaís Murder, Kulwant Curses Her

The kids don't want to sit with Meher. Harleen says, "Meher, kids don't want to sit with you. You can hop in my car." Sarab says, "Meher, don't worry. I will speak to the kids, they will be fine." Samaira drives. Sarab says, "We have a sweet slogan. Meher and Sarab can do anything together."

Sarab comes to the inauguration and says, "This ambulance service is for all people. It will be there for you in 5 minutes." This is Meherís idea so she does the inauguration.

Seher asks the kids to come with her, but they ignore her. People whisper that the kids donít talk to Seher. Meher comes on stage and is about to cut the ribbon. Kulwant comes there and says she is a murderer. She comes in with Jaggaís photos and Meherís photos from jail.

Kulwant says, "Do you know this kid? Do you ever take his photo?" You are taking Meherís photo for this ambulance service. But people who do public service the most are more criminal people so they can wash their sins. Harleen says, "The first time Kulwant is making me happy."

ďThis kid, Yuvi, is an orphan. His dad was killed by Meher. She backstabbed himĒ, Kulwant proceeds.

Sarab holds Meherís hand.

"I beg for justice for my son. Because this woman Meher is going to start an ambulance service to hide her sin. She made Yuvi an orphan." Kulwant cries. Her women come there and curse Meher.

Sarab says, "Enough. Not even a single more word." Kulwant says, "Donít worry, Yuvi. They killed your dad."

Yuvi says, "My bua killed my dad." People start talking. Yuvi cries and says, "I want justice." Kulwant asks, "Will you all give him justice?"

Kulwant throws water on Meher and says, "This is my curse. The person using this ambulance will go to the graveyard. This is my curse." People chant against Meher and Punjab Dal. People say, "You killed your brother and are talking about starting an ambulance service?"

Sarab says, "Shame on you. The people we consider our family have no value for the courtís decision. You can call anyone a criminal? The society doesnít want to see the truth. I challenge you all to go and read the courtís verdict. If you find anything, I am ready to accept it. Meher was raised by Jagga. They are each otherís life. No one considers what she goes through, and neither do her kids." Meher cries. The kids are crying as well.

Meher says, "There are two deaths there, my brother and me. Your words kill me. I donít expect sympathy. I feel bad for Yuvi. My mom poisons his mind. What I go through, I hope no one does. My whole world changes. I die every day. Everyone leaves me. But only my Sarab trusts me. He hopes to find me every day and knows I didnít kill Jagga.Ē

She adds, ď Imagine what he goes through. I am accused of killing my brother, and due to no proof, I am sentenced. I donít want my kids to go through. I donít want anyone to say things to them."

Meher comes to the kids. "I donít know when Karan walked for the first time. How he grew up. When Param grew up. My kids think I lie, but we are just saving them from the hurt.Ē

Meher asks Param, ďIf you knew I was in jail, would you be able to live these 5 years?" Param says no. "I am sorry I am helpless." Meher says, "I am sorry, Karan. I didnít know what to tell you when I met you for the first time." Meher says sorry, Seher. "You were not well. I couldnít take you to your papa. I couldnít see your heart broken. I left you in Gill mansion because I didnít have money for your treatment."

Meher says, "The law absolved all allegations on me, but my own people call me a criminal. The same Jagga who loved me, the Jagga who was everything to me."

Kulwant says to Yuvi, "Your bua is lying. Sheís a snake." Yuvi says, "But she canít lie. Papa loved her the most. The court acquitted her. What if youíre lying?" He goes to his room. Meher says, "I told you all my crimes. Now you can punish me."

The kids stand up and say, "We donít consider you a criminal." All people chant, "We donít consider you a criminal." They appreciate Meher. The kids stand up and support her. Sarab and kids hug Meher. Everyone claps for her.

Meher inaugurates the ambulance service. Sarab and kids appreciate her. Sarabís foot hurts while walking. Meher asks, "What happened?" Sarab says, "I am okay." He canít move his leg. The reporters ask Meher different questions about Punjab Dalís plan. They go home.

Sarab says to Harleen, "I know youíre mad at Meher that she didnít come home after getting evicted." Harleen recalls Meher came and she asked her to leave. Sarab says, "Your anger is justified because you love me and the kids."

Harleen says, "Come to the point." He says, "The people and court both have accepted Meherís truth. She isnít a criminal anymore. No one accuses her anymore. We will live like we used to. My sister, you, Meher, the kids. Khushi and Jeej, happy family." He gets a call.

Samaira is about to leave. Harleen says, "Samaira, stop." She says, "Everything is clear. I have no place in this house." Harleen says, "You are not going anywhere. Kulwant will never let Meher live. She will create problems for Sarab."

Kulwant knocks on Yuviís door and says, "Open the door." He says, "I donít wanna hear anything. You lied to me." She says, "I didnít." Kulwant says, "Meher is your fatherís murderer." He says, "No, if the judge has evicted Meher, that means she didnít kill papa." Kulwant says, "You are young. You trust the judge and that Meher and not me?" He says, "No, I donít." Kulwant says, "You wait. I will make you hear the voice I kept in my phone. I kept it for 5 years. It echoes in my ears."

Kulwant plays Jaggaís last call. He says, "Betrayal.." Kulwant says, "Who? Jagga said Meher." Yuvi comes out stepping on Meherís picture. He says, "I will take my revenge." Kulwant says, "Now you trust your dadi? Meher killed your dad."

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