Meher Chases Kulwant Away, Curdles Sarab In Bed||Friday June 7 2024

Choti Sarrdaarni

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Meher Chases Kulwant Away, Curdles Sarab In Bed||Friday June 7 2024

Choti Sarrdaarni Update For Friday June 7 2024

Meher Chases Kulwant Away, Curdles Sarab In Bed

Meher says, "I am a martyred soldier's daughter." She adds, "I am born brave." Kulwant keeps cursing them. Meher says, "These spices will make you run." She places them in front of the fans. All women scream and run. Their eyes burn.

Kulwant keeps standing. Her eyes hurt, but she keeps standing. Harleen says, "See, Samaira, Meher, and her family are a curse for us." Kulwant coughs but keeps cursing Meher and her family. Kulwant coughs. Meher feels bad for her. She holds her clothes. Kulwant leaves.

Meher prays, expressing remorse for her mistake. Ajay informs Sarab about Kulwant's arrival. The kids arrive and embrace Meher. Seher shares a dream about Meher making pizza for Param, requesting the same for them. Meher assures they'll all enjoy food together, earning praise from the kids.

Kulwant recalls Seher's words, while Yuvi predicts Meher will face consequences. Kulwant warns Yuvi, preparing for a similar confrontation at school, leaving Yuvi puzzled.

Meher enters the kitchen, reminiscing about her past there. She asks Ajay about the relocated items, adapting to the changes. Harleen remarks on the transformations over the past five years, including in the kitchen and Sarab's life.

Meher asserts that the rearrangement won't affect her cooking skills appreciated by her kids. Samaira sits in Meher's chair, apologizing upon Meher's arrival.

Meher graciously accepts, offering pizza to the kids. Sarab updates on Seher's exploration of the house, and Meher assures to take them to school. Seher spills food, leading to a family moment of laughter.

Sarab falls asleep, while Samaira contemplates her feelings for him. She almost kisses him, interrupted by Meher's arrival. Meher brings coffee and notices a broken earring, joking with Samaira.

Sarab wakes up, expressing pain, and Meher offers comfort. Sarab playfully asks for a kiss, but Meher leaves, unable to drive after five years. Sarab tries to kiss her, and Meher leaves with a flying kiss.

Seher worries about fitting in at her new school, but Meher reassures her. Karan compliments Seher, calling her a princess, and they head to school. Seher accidentally sprays water on Harleen, apologizing. Harleen criticizes Meher's upbringing, and Seher apologizes again, spraying water on her face.

Kulwant arrives at the school, instilling fear in Seher by reminding her of her parents' murderers. Meher comforts Seher, assuring her she'll make new friends. They enter the school together.

Sidhi's mom contacts Meher, informing her of Sidhi's distress. Meher reassures her and asks to speak to Sidhi. Meher encourages Sidhi, reminding her of her courage and promising to help solve her problems. She assures Sidhi of her support and plans to visit her later.

Seher enters the classroom, feeling uneasy. Despite her greetings, she finds no seat available and faces ridicule from her classmates. Seher asserts her identity as Seher Kaul Gill, refusing to be called names.

She claims the teacher's chair, leading to a confrontation when the teacher arrives. Eventually, the teacher allows Seher to sit there, asserting her position as a princess.

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