Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Tuesday May 7 2024

Choti Sarrdaarni

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Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Tuesday May 7 2024

Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Tuesday May 7, 2024

Amrita says to Meher, "Yuvi gets out of my hands. He throws paint on mummy ji." Meher says, "He's a kid." "Your coaching center starts tomorrow. I will ask my friends to send their kids there."

Amrita remembers what Kulwant said. "I was talking about Yuvi," she says. Meher replies, "If you think he's getting out of your hands, such indiscipline kids should be sent to the hostel." Amrita argues, "But he's a kid."

Meher insists, "At such a young age, only a hostel can teach discipline." Amrita questions, "Isn't he too young?" Meher asserts, "He will learn things there and stop being stubborn." Param runs back to his room.

Sarab tells Meher, "Let's get ready for Lohri." Param enters his room crying. Yuvi and Khushi bet on whether Param would go to the hostel. Yuvi says he would. Param sobs. Khushi asks, "What happened? We were only playing."

Param explains, "Meher mama is sending me to the hostel. She was telling Amrita." Yuvi warns, "You are gone. My cousin stays in a hostel, the guys there broke his teeth." Khushi adds, "Seniors bully you a lot. You have to shower at 6 and go to the ground. And you can't talk in the class. You get punished all the time."

Sarab tells Karan, "Papa is ready." Meher joins them. Sarab glances at her. Meher flips her hair. Sarab touches his nose to tease her.

Sarab looks at Meher as the song "O re piya" plays. He puts earrings on her, then bangles, and ties her hair. "God has made you beautiful," he says. Meher responds, "I only become beautiful for you." Sarab compliments her, saying, "You look like a fairy. I feel it when you get ready for me."

Meher expresses her desire to continue doing so for the rest of her life so he can admire her like this. She adds, "Without you, all these things are useless. Your gaze adds value to them." Sarab kisses her forehead and cheek.

Karan cries. Sarab remarks, "You are just like your Big B." Meher asks Sarab to get Param ready as well. Amrita arrives too.

Param cries. Yuvi warns him about ghosts in the hostel, but Khushi tells him not to scare the kids. Amrita informs Meher that Param's tickets are also here. Jagga asks where they are sending Param. Sarab explains that Meher is sending him. Jagga questions why the flight is booked for tomorrow noon when they have the coaching center's opening. Meher clarifies it's in the morning. Sarab decides to invite his office staff.

Meher agrees, suggesting they invite as many people as possible. Amrita reveals she's not opening her coaching center. Meher is surprised and Jagga feels left out for not being informed. Kulwant advises Amrita not to tell Meher anything, wanting to avoid drama.

Khushi mentions there was a ghost in room 13 and wonders if Param will catch it. Param declares he will never go to the hostel. Ajay informs him that Meher asked him to pack his bag. Param recalls Meher's discussion and starts to panic. Meher reassures him, saying she will talk to Harleen bua. Harleen is on the phone discussing Param's jacket. Param overhears and gets upset.

In another scene, Meher notices Amrita as it's about to rain. Sarab informs her that Harleen bua has gotten Param's books and toys. Meher asks if Param knows, to which Sarab replies they will tell him tomorrow. Param overhears and starts crying. Kulwant asks if he'll miss nani. Param cries, questioning why they're doing this to him.

Meher asks the kids if they've seen Param, but Yuvi says he hasn't gotten ready. Param comes out with his bag and throws it into the fire, shocking everyone. He accuses them of being unfair and says he won't go to the hostel. He screams that he's a kid and promises to study and be good, pleading not to be sent away.

Harleen is surprised and denies knowing about sending him to the hostel. Param insists he heard them planning it. Meher realizes her mistake and explains they're actually going on a surprise holiday to Darjeeling to cheer him up. Param is relieved and smiles.

Yuvi refuses to go to the hostel, and Kulwant criticizes Meher and Sarab for making decisions without consulting her. Amrita admits they should consider Kulwant's opinion. Meher senses Amrita is hiding something.

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