Seher Gets Bullied In School, Param, Siblings Mad at Meher||Saturday June 8 2024

Choti Sarrdaarni

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Seher Gets Bullied In School, Param, Siblings Mad at Meher||Saturday June 8 2024

Choti Sarrdaarni Update For Saturday June 8 2024

Seher Gets Bullied In School, Param, Siblings Mad at Meher

Sarab decorates Sehers room and says, "I give my daughter all the happiness she missed in these 5 years." Harleen says, "You need rest. You should stay in your bed." Ajay asks, "What is Sehers favorite color?"

Sarab recalls her scarfs and says, "Red." Sarab tells Harleen to relax. Ajay asks about the engagement cards. Sarab recalls the engagement incident.

Sarab goes to Samairas room. She says, "Your face looks serious." He apologizes, saying, "I am sorry. Please forgive me." Samaira responds, "Would I cry? Sarab, what did you do?"

Sarab clarifies, "We are just good friends." He emphasizes, "Meher is my life." Samaira accepts the apology. Harleen intervenes, "No Sarab, I wont let you go away from Meher this time."

Seher walks to Param during lunch. Yuvi trips her, and the kids surround Param. Seher defends her brothers. Yuvis friends restrain Seher and Karan. Param pleads with Yuvi to stop.

Seher distracts Yuvi by shouting "lizard" and kicks him. Yuvi insults Seher's mother, leading to kids chanting against Seher. Seher stabs Yuvi with a compass, and chaos ensues. Teachers arrive, and the blame falls on Seher. She locks herself in the lab.

Seher panics as chemicals spill, and she screams for help. Meher and Sarab rush to the school to rescue Seher. They reassure her, but the kids accuse Meher of murder. Sarab takes Meher away as the kids taunt her.

Meher manages to defend herself against Kulwant's attack, disarming her. She stands firm, her eyes reflecting a mix of sorrow and determination.

"I didn't betray Jagga," Meher states firmly. "I loved him like my own brother. I've endured years of injustice for a crime I didn't commit."

Kulwant's eyes blaze with fury. "Don't lie to me, Meher! Jagga called out your name before he died. He said you betrayed him!"

Meher's heart sinks at Kulwant's accusation. "I swear on everything sacred to me, Kulwant, I didn't betray Jagga. Someone is framing me, someone who wants to destroy my life and tear my family apart."

Kulwant's grip tightens on Meher's arm. "I won't believe your lies! Get out of my sight!"

Meher looks around at the gathered family members, seeing the doubt and suspicion in their eyes. With a heavy heart, she realizes that proving her innocence won't be easy, especially with Kulwant's unwavering conviction.

As Meher leaves Kulwant's house, she knows that she must uncover the truth behind Jagga's death to clear her name and protect her family. But the road ahead is filled with obstacles, and she can't do it alone. She needs Sarab's unwavering support and the strength of her children by her side.

Param opens the door, and Sarab enters. He addresses the kids, "You all think we lied, but thats not true. Its difficult to understand. Please forgive your parents. We wont ever hide anything from you all again. Please." The kids walk out.

Samaira blocks their path, insisting that Sarab hasn't eaten and won't until they do, expressing concern for his health. Reluctantly, the kids take pieces of pizza and eat. Samaira sits with Sarab, who expresses his desire to be alone.

In another scene, Kulwant demands Meher to leave. Meher insists on seeing Yuvi. Kulwant accuses Meher of poisoning Yuvi's mind. When Yuvi appears, Meher tries to reconnect with him.

Yuvi hesitates but eventually throws a ball, accidentally hitting Kulwant. Meher checks on Kulwant, warning her not to harm her family.

Kulwant threatens Meher, but she remains resolute, vowing to protect her family and prevent anyone from poisoning her nephew's mind. Kulwant brushes off Meher's warnings, claiming her downfall and asserting her lack of fear.

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