Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Monday May 13 2024

Choti Sarrdaarni

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Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Monday May 13 2024

Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Monday May 13, 2024

Sarab enters Kulwant's room, prompting her to hide under the blanket. Meanwhile, Meher brings food to Jagga, who reminisces about their past and expresses his happiness.

He hugs Meher, feeling content, and she reassures him that he will live a long life. Meher feeds him and encourages him to go home, promising that he can take Kulwant back the next day. Jagga praises Meher, calling her the best.

Later, Meher joins Sarab in the room, and he asks about Jagga's well-being. She assures him that Jagga is fine and didn't want to interrupt their sibling moment.

Meher expresses her gratitude for having both Sarab and Jagga as her support. Sarab holds her hand, affirming their continuous support for her, and Meher kisses his hand.

In another scene, Param questions Kulwant about chewing pencils, and she explains it's for teeth cleaning. Harleen becomes annoyed by the noise, and Kulwant spits out the pencil. Harleen scolds them and expresses her concern about Kulwant influencing Param negatively.

Meher suggests Kulwant handle such activities in private, but Harleen accuses her of faking blindness. Param defends Kulwant, confirming that she can't see. Sarab intervenes, confirming Kulwant's condition as per the doctor's diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Jagga calls Yuvi, asking about Amrita's feelings. Yuvi reveals that she cries every night while looking at Jagga's photo. Jagga implores Yuvi to bring Amrita back home somehow.

Later, Sarab jokingly asks Karan not to grow up too fast and expresses his desire for another baby in the future. Param shares his wish for a little sister named Seher, but Meher playfully scolds Sarab, insisting they focus on raising Karan first.

Harleen prepares a cake, but Kulwant accidentally ruins it, and Harleen blames her. She then deceitfully takes Kulwant to a storage room, claiming it's her room, and locks her inside to prove Kulwant is pretending about her blindness. Kulwant calls Yuvi for help.

Meher calls Amrita, informing her about Jagga's emotional state and urging her to reconsider her decision, as Jagga intends to take Kulwant back home.

Harleen inquires with the servants about the readiness of the lawn for the party, receiving confirmation.

Upon noticing some clothes, she questions their ownership, learning they belong to Kulwant. In response, she requests a pair of scissors.

Param escorts Kulwant out, who reveals being locked in the storeroom by Harleen. Param questions how she knew it was the store, prompting Meher to ponder if Kulwant is being truthful.

As Kulwant approaches a vase, Sarab intervenes, criticizing Meher for not intervening sooner and then guides Kulwant to her room.

Meher acknowledges Harleen's suspicion, suggesting Kulwant might indeed have sight. Sarab feels accused, likening Meher's doubts to Harleen's.

Feeling frustrated, he urges Meher to take him back home, emphasizing that the doctor confirmed Kulwant's blindness. Meher exits the room.

Sarab reassures Meher, kissing her cheek and encouraging her not to worry. Meher, however, remains unsettled, expressing her belief that Harleen must have had a valid reason for her suspicions.

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