Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Friday May 10 2024

Choti Sarrdaarni

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Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Friday May 10 2024

Choti Sarrdarni Written Update for Friday May 10, 2024

Sarab reassures Kulwant, saying she will have no problems living with them and will be very happy.

However, Kulwant insists on going with her daughter, expressing distrust towards Sarab's wife and the others. Ginni and Jeeto try to persuade her not to leave, but Kulwant remains adamant, citing Jagga as the only one who cares for her, though he is busy with work. She leaves despite their pleas.

Upon arriving with Meher and Sarab, Kulwant hesitates to choose a room, feeling uncomfortable staying in her daughter's house. Sarab reminds her that it's also her son's house.

Harleen takes charge of organizing the house and involves Param in selecting items to donate, though she dislikes his suggestion to include Karan. Sarab expresses gratitude for the opportunity to take care of Kulwant.

Harleen welcomes them home and expresses concern for Kulwant's well-being upon hearing about her accident.

However, she becomes upset seeing Kulwant's large luggage. Param warmly greets Kulwant and offers to show her to her room, but she insists on staying in Harleen's room, causing tension. Sarab tries to calm the situation, assuring Harleen it's temporary, but she leaves in anger.

Meanwhile, Meher calls Amrita, urging her to return home, but Amrita stands firm in her decision. She warns Meher to be cautious of Kulwant's intentions to control everything in their house.

Param informs Meher about Kulwant's desire to stay in Harleen's room, prompting Meher to decide to move her to another room against Kulwant's wishes. Sarab defends his decision, promising Jagga that Kulwant will be treated like family.

Jeeto reveals to Jagga that Kulwant went with Meher to live in a big house. She adds that Kulwant stated she wouldn't share the property with any of her sons, including Jagga. Bittu blames Meher for the situation.

Harleen listens to complaints from the servants about Kulwant's behavior. Suspecting Kulwant's intentions, she places a hot box near her, causing tension.

Meher rushes to Kulwant to prevent her from touching the hot box. Kulwant mistakenly grabs Harleen's hand and insults her, mistaking her for a maid. Meher corrects Kulwant's misunderstanding, introducing Harleen properly. Kulwant criticizes Harleen's firmness, remarking on her "hard" hand, and accuses her of arrogance.

Harleen defends her authority as the owner of the house and asserts her right to decide on household matters.

Kulwant expresses disdain for the dominance of daughters-in-law in the household, to which Meher retorts by questioning why Kulwant doesn't let Amrita rule if she's dissatisfied with the current arrangement.

During lunchtime, everyone gathers, and Param excitedly announces the menu, which includes pasta. Kulwant, disappointed that her preferred dish wasn't prepared, remarks inwardly.

Sarab instructs Ajay to prepare Kulwant's desired meal. Harleen insists that Kulwant cannot eat continental food, but Kulwant refuses to dine at her daughter's house. Sarab reminds Kulwant that he is her son, prompting Kulwant to give money to Param, indicating she will now eat.

In another scene, Jagga reflects on Amrita's words and Kulwant's behavior. Rana approaches him in tears, sharing his fears about a dream he had where Amrita divorces Jagga. Ginni expresses concern for Kulwant, but Jagga dismisses them angrily and storms off.

Meher expresses frustration over Kulwant's dramatic behavior, but Sarab reassures her that everything will be alright. Sarab playfully complains that Meher doesn't think about him, prompting Meher to promise affection later. Sarab insists he won't sleep without her love, and Meher kisses his cheeks affectionately.

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